heat extraction system dubai


HES are custom designed as per the site conditions and requirements. A typical HES design will have;

  • MS or SS hood to converge the smoke and heat
  • Box or spiral ducting system
  • Dynamic heavy-duty blower

Typical application areas include; heavy welding floors, gauging floors, foundry shop, hot furnaces, galvanizing tanks, chemical mixing tanks, cement factories etc. A Fresh air system is also designed as a part of the HES to replace the displaced air where ever applicable. Fresh can be ambient or treated as per requirement.


Fume Extraction system is designed in line with the heat extraction system and is used in industries where the process involves harmful fumes. Stainless steel or FRP construction is used in case of corrosive fumes and Scrubbing System are also designed to arrest fumes inside water.

Dynamic specializes in Fumes Extraction System for sports car testing facilities, Laboratories.

fume extraction system dubai
Dust Collection System in Dubai


DCS are custom designed and manufactured in two variants.

1. Fixed DC System

Fixed Dust Collectors are usually centralized for a production line. Multiple extract ducts will converge into a min duct, leading it to a dust collection unit. Dynamic’s heavy duty centrifugal blowers used for this application are designed to withstand the wear and tear inflicted by the solid dust particles.

The Dust collection System comes with a manual shaker cleaning system or a reverse pulsejet cleaning system.

2. Portable DC System

Portable Dust Collectors are usually mounted on trolleys which work alongside with the source machine and are specifically designed for a single machine or two adjacent machines. The PDCS are connected to the source machine via heavy duty flexible hoses.

Typical application includes; cement factory, carpentry, powder coating, Sand blasting, grinding machines, wood saw and polishing machines.


Wet scrubbers remove pollutants from a furnace flue gas or other gas streams by bringing it in contact with the scrubbing liquid. The typical contact methods used are; spraying the gas with the liquid, forcing the gas through a liquid pool, or by other specific contact methods.

wet scrubbers in Dubai
cyclone separator dubai


Cyclone  Separators are used to remove particulates from air and gas streams, without the use of filters, through vortex separation. Dynamic Cyclone Separators are custom designed for each application as per site requirements.

They can be used as a first-stage filtration for our dust collectors to remove bigger particles and reduce the load from a dust collection unit.


Industrial ventilation systems are designed to bring down the ambient temperature in factories/ work floors and create a pleasant working condition. The application is a carefully balanced push and pull extraction system of fresh and exhausted air.

Evaporative Coolers are also used to push treated fresh air which makes the system more effective.


Spot/ Zone cooling systems are designed using ducted evaporative coolers to bring in treated fresh air to cool a particular spot/ zone in the factory floor. This application is ideal for factories having heat emitting machines.


Dynamic offers the complete fabrication and onsite installation and commissioning of spray paint booths. Dynamic paint booth design ranges from an open paint booth to a fully specialized side/ down draft Paint booth enclosures. These enclosures offer the ideal controlled painting environment for finishing, curing and drying requirements.

Portable paint booth:

This refrigerator-size paint booth on wheels can be adapted even in an office environment and is ideal for specialized paint jobs for high-end jewellery, watch and bag manufacturers.

Paint booths dubai
Commercial kitchen exhaust systems Dubai


Dynamic has a dedicated team that calculates, design, fabricate and install custom kitchen exhaust systems that are highly efficient and functional.

Dynamic Kitchen Exhaust System Comes With;

  • Kitchen hoods made of stainless steel with desired finish and complete with oil filters and oil cups.
  • The ducting system with service doors for inspection and periodic cleaning.
  • Ecology unit- two-stage filtration ESP and Carbon Filter units.
  • The Dynamic custom blower. The blower will be a standard Centrifugal blower (direct/belt driven) or a Box Centrifugal blower depending on the site conditions and requirements.
  • The standard fresh air system with an additional Centrifugal/ Axial blower pumps fresh air to the hood. The fresh air system compensates for the hood-displaced air.

Treated fresh air system for kitchens: Dynamic specializes in providing a custom-treated fresh air system for commercial kitchens using evaporative coolers. This system not only compensates for the displaced air but also creates multiple cooling spots within the kitchen for the chefs and kitchen staff.


Design, Fabricate, Install and Commission Centrifugal Blowers, Axial Flow Fans, Roof and Wall Mounted Ventilation/ Fresh Air Fans, Multiple Outlet Fans, Bug Blowers/ Man Coolers, Explosion Proof Fans, Bifurcated Fans, Multistage Fans, In-line Ducted and Special Purpose Fans.