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Dynamic HVLS Fans work on the principle of creating a three-dimensional wind circulation using huge blades rotating slowly resulting in an evaporative cooling effect. In effect, by using an HVLS Fan a room can feel up to 7 degrees cooler without lowering the thermostat.


Available Variants :

  • Dynamic ceiling HVLS (12ft, 13ft, 18ft, 20ft, 24ft
  • Dynamic Wall Mounted HVLS (5ft, 6.6ft, 7.9ft)
  • Dynamic Mobile HVLS (5ft, 6.6ft, 7.9ft)
  • Dynamic Ceiling HVLS also comes with sprinkler and Explosion proof configuration (18ft, 20ft, 24ft)

Ecology Units

Dynamic Ecology Units are the best environmental friendly solution to maintain good air quality. The standard unit comes with a two stage filtration system. The unit extracts the maximum amount of grease and smell before venting it through the exhaust system.


Dynamic Evaporative Coolers feature innovative technology and a range of crafty design features to achieve the best cooling performance. The delivered air is never recirculate and remains 100% fresh. This also avoids the risk of recirculating fumes, germs or odors in a work environment.

Typical application includes; Industrial spot cooling, general industrial/ warehouse ventilation, Commercial kitchen fresh air application and outdoor spot cooling.


Handles the sales, Installation and commissioning of Dynamic HVLS Fans (High Volume Low Speed), Ecology Units and Evaporative Coolers.